One of my favourites, this round bottle is a truly stunning piece as the top edges of the deck are actually touching the inside "shoulder-area" of the bottle where it tapers into the neck!


There is truly no space to move!

Round Bottle

SKU: 0002
  • There are not many of these bottles left here to fill as they have been discontinued from manufacture. However, every few months I will spot some being used as vases at a wedding or crop up on Ebay so always aim to try and keep some sort of supply available. 


    However they are becoming more scarce, hence the slightly increased price.


    They do look stunning though and this particular style of bottle measures just over 18cm to the top of the cork so its a cute little mystery indeed!


    There is no ,ovement of the deck inside the bottle, yet despite it's "wedged in position" nature, it is still pristine and with full cellophane wrapping intact as in other versions.

  • I take every precaution to pack and ship each bottle securely and safely. If for any reason the bottle arrives damaged, please photograph it and contact me immediately for resoultion.