The largest of all the bottles with a slightly larger opening than other bottles too this bottle still looks great but there is a catch...

The base has abotu a centimetre of clear resin in it as these bottles were once used to display fake flowers and as a result, each base of resin has two holes in it at two edges which once secured the fake stems. 


It's hardly noticable and these are a great bottle for a giveaway.

Vase Bottle

  • They come in about 20cm high but to be honest would priobably benefit from the buyer seeking out a bigger cork a the opening is slightly larger than the other versions.


    That said, in most cases the small holes aretwo of the corners of the bottle and usually in line with the seam although this cannot be guaranteed.


    I only have ten of these at present as I was given them by an events decor company that decided to no longer use them for their rentals.


    Still a great bottle and if gifting to a non-magician friend, the resin base is not something I think they will ever care about, however for the puritst collector, it might just get on your nerves!


    Check out the close-up photo or message me if you want more pics/small video prior to purchasing.

  • I take every precaution to pack and ship each bottle securely and safely. If for any reason the bottle arrives damaged, please photograph it and contact me immediately for resoultion.