​How Do The Cards Get Inside The Bottle?


That is the big question and also the big secret! There is no trickery involved - the deck genuinely passes through the next of the bottle. It is a rule with "Impossible Bottles" that if you were to smash the bottle, the object inside must still be in full working order.

That is certainly the case with my "Cards in a Bottle" - in fact I have previously been commissioned to make bottles for magicians to use on television shows, during which they have smashed the bottle open to then break the cellophane and open the deck of cards to show an impossible revelation.

And no... I am not a professional glassworker so have not cut or altered the bottle, nor has the glass been blown around the deck!


How can I learn to make impossible bottles?


The fact of the matter is that it takes many hours, in fact years, of tedious trial and error to perfect the art of making a pristine looking Cards in a Bottle and as anyone that has taken the time to master it will tell you, it is not something you can easily buy a book or DVD on and follow a step-by-step guide.

Every person that produces their own bottles will have their own unique tips, methods and means of making the perfect Cards in a Bottle that they will have worked out either on purpose or by accident over many hours of bottle making. 

I have only ever taught one other person how to make the bottles that I produce and my exact method for doing so but the person in question was not looking to sell them, but rather came over from Europe to learn in order to then produce an art installation for a degree course that involved some 200 bottles some of which were impossible bottles. It took an intensive couple of days and a four-figure fee however this tuition is not something I plan to replicate in the near future.

So mY advice would be, if you're interested, find yourself a decent bottle, grab a few decks of cards and start brainstorming methodology and give it a go! remember though - the deck inside must be in perfect working order if the bottle were to be smashed - so no filling the box with sand or trying to cheat!

Where do you ship to?


As there are fellow bottle makers in other countries around the world I find that mine are generally purchased here in the UK and the usual postage options are available  and you will be given various options at the checkout.

For the bulk ordering option, shipping will be calculated at courier cost, depending on how quickly and where they need to be shipped to.

I am happy to ship internationally and offer two fairly standard shipping options, however if you require a quicker service such as FedEx or UPS then please get in touch to arrange.


​What are the payment options?

All payments are processed via Paypal for customer security and assurance. If you have any queries about payment methods or otherwise, please contact me prior to ordering and I will be happy to assist.

Returns & Refunds


I take great care in packing and sending every bottle I make but if there is ever an issue once delivered, please contact me immediately and if possible provide a photograph so I can do my best to rectify any problems as soon as I can for you.

If for any reason you are unhappy with an item you receive, then please contact me to discuss and I will be only too happy to assist.