A history of mystery...


The Cards in a Bottle is a version of what are widely referred to as "Impossible Bottles" - a bottle (usually glass) that contains fully functional everyday objects inside that are far too big to have conceivably passed through the neck of the bottle.


The master and pioneer of the concept was the great Harry Eng and it is to him that myself and fellow "bottle makers" around the world, owe a huge debt of gratitude for the concept and inspiration. 

"Eng's Bottles" as they are known, are now highly collectible items and are still, in my opinion, the finest pieces of impossible craftsmanship of the genre. 

My own "Cards in a Bottle" work is a bug that bit me in my early teens after reading abut Harry Eng in a chapter of a magic book, in the late 90's. There was a section in the book that talked about Harry Eng and contained some very basic instructions on how to make a couple of simple impossible bottle.

Now over twenty years later and after countless hours of experimentation, I am proud to be able to produce something that - although nowhere near as complex as the work of Eng - can be considered an "Impossible Bottle."

Each bottle I make takes many hours of patience and care however I have come to find it extremely therapeutic work - almost a sense of escapism from the often high-energy lifestyle of performing, not to mention taking care of a wife, two children, three dogs and a cat!

Five impossible bottles #impossiblebottl
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